We all know sport activities and physical education for development as an important factor for rural development, because sport will strengthen hope and vitality in mankind to achieve objectives of UN Millennium goal. Sport and physical education is another view of join or fight with surrounding natural environment. It important that human mind requires minimal training. If situations are integrated with rural traditions, intrinsic rural development would be definitely followed by increased productivity of land and creatures. Sport and physical education not only facilitate human interaction with rural development factors, but it will settle humans with development and their economic, social, cultural activities with surrounding environment. There are few sport facilities in rural areas. Sport and physical education is a healthy way to discharge youth energy along with strength. In general, rural youth can be used in national and international competition scene due to good physical condition of rural youth.


Our main objective of the present rural sports club is proper delivery of grassroots sport facilities in rural and urban areas of the region and thereby propelling rural talents to championship as well as using them in provincial sports teams. The specific objective of the RSC is creating a platform at national and international sports event and conference to demonstrate the effects of sport and physical education in the society. These international conference and events provide sport facilities for rural areas of the anyregion. The most important objective is boosting villagers to public sports which can bring vitality for the sports for development and peace.

The people in rural area have a low monthly income. Therefore, poor financial status significantly influences on lifestyles of residents of the any county, so local and indigenous games and sports can be used with minimal facilities and costs to fill their leisure time. According to the our Farmer Association of Gujarat ( Maruti Krushi Vikas Trust) studies and research, it can be concluded that sport activities is one of healthy and dynamic tools to fill leisure time. That we are working and implementing the game for the youth like Cricket,Hockey, Football, Kabbadi, Kho-kho, Judo, Karate and many rural cultural activities for development and peace.